Lyon County is a great place to live!

Lyon County is an excellent place to live and work. The environment offers the security and peace of a classic rural Midwestern community.

The communities of Lyon County offer a wide choice of housing types and architectural styles. Homes and lots in new subdivisions and traditional neighborhoods are available in a variety of price levels.  Apartments and rental homes are available in all communities. Low-income housing and subsidized rent programs are also available.

In 2016 Maxfield Research & Conslting, LLC conducted a Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis for Lyon County, Iowa. The study projects housing demand from 2016 through 2025, and provides recommendations on the amount and type of housing that could be built in Lyon County to satisfy demand from current and future residents over the next decade.

The study identifies a potential demand for 920 new housing units through 2025. This demand will be generated by both new households and existing households based on changing demographic trends and housing preferences. Download the complete housing study below to find demographic information, employment trends, housing analysis and more.

Other highlights of the study include:

  • Between 2000 and 2016, Lyon County has averaged 32 new construction units a year. The new construction trends have fluctuated over the last 17 years, which peaked in 2015 (46 new construction units) and bottomed out in 2003 (14 new construction units). However, since 2009, new construction activity has steadily increased each year.
  • The greatest percentage of homes in Lyon County were built before the 1940s, which comprised 32.1% of the entire housing stock in the County. The second highest percentage of homes in Lyon County were built in the 1970s (13.7%).
  • Approximately 55% of Lyon County homeowners have a mortgage. About 6% of homeowners with mortgages in Lyon County also have a second mortgage and/or home equity loan.
  • Between the Lyon County submarkets, Central Lyon has the highest number of rerenter-occupied units (381), while West Lyon has the lowest number with 194. East Lyon is in the middle with 227 renter-occupied units.

Download the 2016 Lyon County Housing Study.