LCEDC Revolving Loan Fund

Lyon County Economic Development Consortium

Revolving Loan Fund

Committed to providing a source of financing that enables business to thrive and grow.

The purpose of the Lyon County Economic Development Consortium (LCEDC) revolving loan fund (RLF) is to ensure that businesses grow and prosper within the county. Working together with you and your bank, the LCEDC hopes to enable you to accomplish the goals you have set for your business.

The application package asks a series of questions aimed at determining the following:

  • Your business activity, products and services
  • Your business’s viability and potential for growth
  • Your financial commitment and commitment to maintaining your company in the County
  • The RLF’s ability to meet your financial needs
  • The level of risk the RLF takes on by assisting your company
  • How well your business fits into the economic development plan of the County

For more information on the LCEDC Revolving Loan Fund, you may contact the Lyon County Economic Development office at 712-472-8546 or email LCEDC is a 501c3 organization that primarily provides “gap” financing in conjunction with private lending organizations.  The goal of the RLF fund is to further diversify Lyon County’s economy by providing loans for business start-ups and business expansions.

LCEDC Revolving Loan Fund Package